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Our Vision

At LRC, we are dedicated to maintaining a world-class level of innovation, sustainability and safety in our engineering support and design services, providing our customers with the most efficient and enterprising solutions for their railway design needs.  

Our Mission

We are committed to achieving client success in balance with value sustainability and the community’s needs. As our performance relies on the professionalism and expertise of our rail consultants, we are also committed to nurturing a stimulating and supportive work environment in order to inspire the right solution for each client.

About Us

At LRC, we deliver engineering support and design services for projects at all stages of development, for both public agencies and private companies. Each project requires a unique solution, tailored to the client’s goals and in alignment with all local requirements and standards.

Our designs are universally recognised for their quality and innovation, as well as their unwavering focus on safety. With a proven track record of expertise in railway design and track management, our highly experienced team of rail consultants are consistently inspired to achieve the most innovative and efficient solution to each project.

Company culture

Our company culture strongly supports the safety of our workers, our clients and every member of the community benefiting from our services. We nurture an interactive communication policy, so that our clients and all members of our team can contribute their insight and expertise as we develop the right solution for each project.    We are vigilant about consistently finding ways to improve and refine our performance, so we can keep abreast of the latest developments and compliance requirements.

About us

At LRC, We focus primarily on providing engineering support and design services for projects at all stages of development to both public agencies and private companies. LRC has a unique advantage within the market due to our professional staff of highly trained and experienced rail consultants.

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